Meet the Cast

Ariel Colt
(Jillian Murray)

Driven yet optimistic, Ariel is making a name for herself as a writer for the lifestyle magazine Sweet Home. Disappointed with what the holiday season has turned into, she is determined to bring back the true meaning of Christmas for her family, and buying an idyllic cottage seems like the perfect solution.

Jillian Murray is known for her work in Code Black, Prescription for Love, and Sonny with a Chance.

Mark Henderson
(Dean Geyer)

Working alongside his father and brother at their family’s firm, Mark is a renowned architect whose skills are sought after all around the world. After the passing of his mother shook his family to the core, he plans to bring back the magic of the holidays for his family with a cozy cottage in the woods.

Dean Geyer is known for his work in Glee, Terra Nova, and A Ring for Christmas.

Amy Colt
(Leigh-Allyn Baker)

The matriarch of the Colt family, Amy loves everything about the holidays, from decorating the tree to singing carols and spreading Christmas cheer. Amy wants her daughters to grow and thrive and is willing to do whatever she can to help them find happiness.

Leigh-Allyn Baker is known for her work in Will & Grace, Good Luck Charlie, and Wish for Christmas.

Duke Henderson
(Grant Goodeve)

A salt of the earth kind of man, Duke, isn’t one to wear his heart on his sleeve, but he is incredibly proud of his sons. However, he worries that Mark is working too hard to fill his mother’s void and wants him to focus on the family he still has and his future.

Grant Goodeve is known for his work in Eight is Enough, Twin Peaks, and Dynasty.

Jasmine Colt
(Victoria Staley)

As a college student and the youngest of the Colt family, Jasmine looks forward to all the gifts waiting for her under the tree on Christmas. Fun and quick-witted, Jasmine isn’t afraid to nudge her sister, Ariel, in the right direction.

Victoria Staley is known for her work in Being Mary Jane, Prisoners, and House of Payne.

Trevor Henderson
(Aaron Mees)

The free-spirited member of the Henderson family, Trevor looks up to his father and brother. Ready to prove that he’s not just a kid anymore, Trevor wants his family to take him more seriously when it comes to their business.

Aaron Mees is known for his work in Shake Off the World and Amazed by You.

Peter Colt
(Jeff Rose)

Fun-loving and easygoing, Peter is the patriarch of the Colt family, and impossible not to like. He loves meeting new people and welcomes them with open arms. He will do anything for his wife and daughters.

Jeff Rose is known for his work in Army Wives, Ride Along, and Killing Reagan.

Mr. Noel
(Stephen Ware)

The mysterious owner of the Mountain Holly Cottage who resembles none other than Old Saint Nick.

Stephen Ware is known for his work in Bull Durham and Banshee.

Jeremy Huckabee
(Joseph Curtis Callender)

No nonsense and demanding, Jeremy is Ariel’s boss and the Editor-in-Chief for the lifestyle magazine Sweet Home. Rather than encouraging employees to live the type of life the magazine celebrates, Jeremy’s only concern is making money.

Joseph Curtis Callender is known for his work in Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living and Delilah.